Upcoming Technology Trends for 2017

Having said a joyful goodbye to year 2016 that was eventful, let’s see what 2017 has in store for us in terms of technology trends! It’s the breakthroughs from several years ago that has given us the real products and services we are enjoying today! Read on to find out what technology trends we can expect to see this year.

  • The latest trend is the widescreen, wall-mounted television that adorns your fireplace, especially the ones that come loaded with features. Who would have thought that your television needs to be thin!

  • If you thought electric cars won’t work then think again! Cars like Tesla are something that you need to watch out and there are many more such cleaner and greener cars that are being rolled out into the market. A lot of consumers are willing to opt for an electrically powered car and this market is still untapped and not as saturated as the conventional market. With a lot of big carmakers signalling their foray into this category, 2017 is definitely going to be eventful for most car enthusiasts!

  • We see more innovations coming on the way in terms of video communication interfaces like skype or Facetime and more innovation with the providers that exist in this field. Google’s glasses have already upped the ante in a real sense and got us much closer to experiencing the augmented reality devices per say! This would open up a lot many innovations to come our way in 2017. It is an eager wait.

  • Handheld devices like the Tablet devices have revolutionised the way people operate and explore the internet. From having a mounted display on the wall with programed recipes to choose from for assisted cooking, technology has moved to multi-purpose devices like the tablet device that is not only convenient but also handheld.

  • We have more intelligent internet applications that not only help us track consumer behaviour, but also the patterns involved in how we as people interact with other people. And going global with such things with the internet just makes this process exciting and immensely active for most companies. As they say in the real clichéd sense, the internet of things would now continue to be even more eventful in the year 2017!

  • What we saw with computers that follow voice orders in 2016 will now progress to even better applications perhaps. 2017 will be a year, which will have applications and innovations that circle around this theme.

  • Wireless video gaming will see some more innovations as we enter into 2017 and this is something that will revolutionise the gaming industry. What needs to be seen is exactly how this will progress.

  • With drones finding their utility in more than military and news industries and moving on to something like revolutionising logistics, we await some more new discovery that might just revolutionise the way people do business. Military applications have always been extremely useful as well as successful in civil areas. We don’t need to emphasise how internet started and where we stand with it as on today!

  • Nike with its trainers that are self-lacing has not been able to deliver the big hit that it was supposed to, but its MAG shoes is something that the company claims has been innovating and is hoping to release sometime in the year 2017! We hope that the company gets the big hit that it aims for!

  • As mobile computing and cloud computing get closer and closer, centrally synchronized apps that can be sent to any gadget will continue to develop. Applications that can use storage and intelligence in an effective way will experience reduced costs of bandwidth. So, you can expect to soon use apps simultaneously on several devices.

These technology trends are expected to reshape the way in which the world functions with their significant impact. All these technologies have great potential to expand in the coming few years, though there are tons more that would be worth watching. There are several more that are still inching ahead with the promise of bigger challenges this year and beyond.

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